The Lady Buggies

Designed and Produced by Overkill Movement

Welcome! We are The Lady Buggies – and this is our Digital Home. In total, we are 15 Ladies – all with different styles, features and names. Apart from our physical distinctions – we all share a common value– and that is to bring joy and light to people across the country.

You can find us anywhere from dusty deserts, to high-end nightclubs, on the streets or inside venues – from Nevada to Florida, New York to California. We love to travel and to get the chance to be around good-spirited and fun-loving people.

Our conception, birth and growth have all been the results of love, faith and commitment from men and women scattered across the globe. We owe all our good looks and united values to our family.

Us Lady Buggies like to create unique experiences – inviting people to get into the groove alongside our sparkly shells or to just chill and maybe catch some shade while on our plush seats. When it gets cozy, we can have up to seven friends on each of our backs – and we always love company.

Sometimes we hit the road and embark on adventures with music sounding from our wings – a sure way to get people smiling. As the sun sets, our outer shells begin to light up with a colorful glow and that’s when everyone gets really excited. (We do too!) We must admit, we are pretty sexy and most people have never seen creatures like us so we tend to draw a lot of attention wherever we go. We move along with the night and create a vibe – always honoring our number 1 value to bring joy and light wherever or wings may take us. As the sun comes up once again, we close our eyelids and recharge so that we can come back and play again tomorrow.

When you see us next time, please come say hello!  We love to meet new faces – and to catch up with old friends. If you want to make sure we are a part of a festival, celebration or gathering – please reach out so we can talk!

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Let’s Play!

Joy & Light,